1) The Instruments of the HiTS@UNIPD facility are available to either internal users. Internal users include those affiliated with the Dept. of Biology (DiBio) and all other Depts of the University of Padua (UniPD). External Users refers to those affiliated with Other Academia and non profit organizations (Academia) and Industry.

2) Instruments as well as analysis stations can be used 24hours/day, 7 days/week, upon booking. Every user must copy and archive data within 10 days from acquisition.

3) For organizational and traceability reasons, all sessions must be booked though the following website:

It will be compulsory to indicate in the booking system a reference phone number and email address in case of need.

4) It will be possible to book the system up to 14 days in advance. Eventual priority sessions will be established in case of particular needs (i.e. for example for genome wide screenings)

5) Bookings must be cancelled 48 hours prior to use: costs will be otherwise charged.

6) Ordinary or special maintenance is necessary will override any eventual booking (users will not be charged in this case).

7) Use of the instruments available at the HiTS facility must comply with the guidelines here reported. Only people with adequate training will be allowed to use the machines independently. Training courses can be planned with the HiTS@UniPD facility personnel.

8) Application guide and Operation manuals are available online. Paper copies will be available on demand (ask of the HiTS@UniPD facility personnel)


1) The reference technical figures are Dr. Federico Caicci, Dr. Sara Schiavon and Dr. Francesco Boldrin (Electron and Optical Microscopy Service, Dept of Biology, 1st floor south), 3rd Floor south. As a scientific reference, you can contact Dr. Marta Giacomello and Prof. L. Scorrano (Dept of Biology).

2) In case of system failures, contact immediately the HiTS@UniPD facility personnel; in the absence of the reference people, the user must send an e-mail to; , with details on the error. After each session, each user must clean the instrument and the room to make it available for other users.

3) After each session, users must switch off the lamp and log out of the system. After 5pm and during week-ends, each user must verify the booking of the system and, being the last user of the day, he must switch off completely the system.

4) Special attention should be paid to objectives. Each user must verify that the sample holders (multiwell plates, coverslips, etc.) are already configured in the microscope and that they are correctly recognized before using them. No liquid must be added to objectives.

5) Cleaning of the optical path and of the microscope will be done the HiTS@UniPD facility personnel. In case any solution is poured into the microscope or objectives, immediately contact the HiTS@UniPD facility personnel. Objectives must be cleaned only with dedicated lens paper.

6) Data storage and backup will be responsibility of each user, who must download and archive them after each working session.

7) In case of overnight sessions, the user must confirm that the lamp will be shut off at the end of the working session.

8) Data and images can be analysed though Harmony/Columbus, which are available at the analysis stations at the 6th floor south, room #3. Do not access internet with the Computers available for data analysis.