Art.1: overview

The Electron Microscopy Facility of the Department of Biology (DeBioEMF) offers transmission electron microscopy services for both the scientific community of the University of Padova, as well as for outer users. The method and the length of the services are always determined by the Supervisor, in agreement with the University of Padova guidelines.



Barbara Baldan, PhD (Scientific Supervisor)

Federico Caicci, PhD (Technical Supervisor)

Francesco Boldrin, PhD

The technician staff is in charge of:

  • technical and practical advices
  • technical management of the laboratories
  • techniques update
  • methods and systems
  • users training
  • systems upgrade
  • relationships with users
  • administrative issues

The didactic activities (classes) are charged as services and they are performed upon agreement with the Service Supervisor.Moreover, careers guidance and stages towards middle and high school students are performed.


Art.2: Timetable

The DeBioEMF is open:
from Monday to Friday, from 09.00 am to 05.00 pm, depending to the staff presence, appointment needed. 

Art.3: Admittance

Samples processing and microscopy observations are performed by the Service staff only, whether or not the users are present.
The procedure and timing of performances are defined by the Supervisor according to the workload, the features of the samples to be analysed and the type of service requested. Usually a chronological order is followed.
Any urgent need is determined by the Supervisor.
The performance and consulting requests need to be emailed to the Supervisor exclusively (

Art.4: Rates

In order to deal with the cost of maintenance, the services are provided following a rate table, which will be yearly updated.
Fees will be charged every six months or yearly, following the rules of the Department of Biology.
It is also possible to stipulate both contracts and agreements based on the University rules.
The income will be credit in a specific item and they will be used in order to purchase consumables, and to service and upgrade the equipment.

Art.5: Miscellaneous

Results obtained from the DeBioEMF need to be mentioned in publications.