3rd International Symposium on the Advances in Marine Mussel Research



The meeting will be held in the historical centre of the city of Chioggia (North‐Eastern Italy). Chioggia is located just between the lagoon of Venice and the Adriatic Sea and hosts the Hydrobiological Station “Umberto D’ Ancona” of the University of Padova, as well as the Master Course in Marine Biology of the University of Padova. 

The meeting site will be Palazzo Grassi (Grassi Palace), Riva Canal Vena 1281, Calle Grassi Naccari, 30015 Chioggia.

See https://www.biologia.unipd.it/en/department/sedi-e-strutture/chioggia/palazzo-grassi/ and http://chioggia.biologia.unipd.it/en/ for more information.

How to reach Chioggia

The closest airports are:

‐ Venice International Airport www.veniceairport.it

‐ Treviso Airport (sometimes called Treviso‐Venice airport by some companies, but it is NOT in Venice) www.trevisoairport.it

From the Venice airport by bus
From the Marco Polo Venice airport or from Piazzale Roma (Venice) to Chioggia you can take the bus number 80 of the Arriva Veneto company (https://www.arrivaveneto.it) with the final destination of Sottomarina (Chioggia and Sottomarina are interconnected towns; notice that not all the bus runs reach Sottomarina). Ask for the bus stop in Chioggia, which is at the roundabout at the door of the main city street (Campo Marconi). Then, walk from Campo Marconi to Palazzo Grassi as shown in this map. Be sure to look at the summer bus timetable (https://www.arrivaveneto.it/pdf/Orariolinea80dal24.02.2019LUNVEN.pdf).
An alternative to reach Chioggia could be the following. Take a first bus just outside the Marco Polo Venice airport to Piazzale Roma square in Venice, and from there take a second bus to Chioggia (Campo Marconi). Buses from the airport to Venice – Piazzale Roma are run by the ACTV or by ATVO companies. See the website of the airport for more information) or compare their services at https://www.visit-venice-italy.com/transport-bus-airport-venice.htm. Be sure to look at the summer bus timetable (for instance, http://www.atvo.it/allegati/aeroporti/linea_35_dal_31.03.19_al_26.10.19.pdf).

From the Treviso airport by bus
The fastest trip to Chioggia is to take a bus from the Treviso airport to Piazzale Roma in Venice, and then a second bus from Piazzale Roma to Chioggia (Campo Marconi), as described above.
The public transport from Treviso airport to Venice (Piazzale Roma) is described on the website of the airport (check https://www.trevisoairport.it/en/transport/bus.html).
Please check if the return bus stop (from Chioggia to Venice) you may will to take at your departure is the same stop of your arrival.

Shuttles and taxis
On the websites of both airports, you can find information on shuttles and taxis. As a general rule, please be aware that taxis in Italy are expensive and it may be a good idea to book (and know the price) in advance, or to ask the approximate price of the trip before your departure. By way of example, one of the taxi service for the Venice-Chioggia roundtrip may cost about 130 euros, that you may want to share with other people.
Other useful link is to the National railway system: http://www.trenitalia.com/