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Tuesday November 30th 2021 – h 15:00

Aula Magna @ Polo Biologico Vallisneri

Viale Giuseppe Colombo 3 – Via Ugo Bassi 58b, Padova

Prof. Gil Rosenthal

Department of Biology 

University of Padova

Choices and selection, hybrid and mixed

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Biological diversity, including our own human species, ultimately depends on the decisions of individual organisms.  Few decisions are as consequential as one’s choice of mating partners. At the same time, few scientific questions are as sensitive to human prejudice as the study of how mate choice evolves, and in turn shapes evolution. Collaborative research centered at the CICHAZ research station, located in a rural indigenous area of Mexico’s Sierra Madre Oriental, provides a starting point for new models of collaboration and cultural miscegenation.   Here, natural hybrid zones of swordtail fish in mountain streams have developed into a powerful model for leveraging new genomic and behavioral tools to understand how behavioral mechanisms of mate choice shape reproductive outcomes and biological species.



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