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Marta is a tenure-track researcher (RTDb) at DiBio

Can you summarize in few words your research?

My research can be summed up with 3 keywords: organelles interactions, high content microscopy, fluorescent probes. I am trying to combine these fields to deepen knowledge on physiopathological cell biology mechanisms, especially related to neurodevelopmental disorder.

What is the most rewarding and the most challenging part of your work?

There are several rewarding parts: first, the possibility to exploit your creativity and passion; second, the intellectual freedom; third, discovering new processes. The most challenging: leading a research group, that is making choices that suits all the working and also the personal needs of the team members in a timely manner (by the way, I have been so lucky as members of my team are great!).

Tell us your story: what brings you to DiBio?

During my career I jumped through several research institutes: Dept of Biomedical Sciences (Univ. of Padua), Dept of Pharmacology (UCSD, San Diego); Dept of Exp. Animal Sciences (Univ. of Padova); Venetian Institute of Molecular Medicine (Padua); Dept. of Cell Physiology and Metabolism (Univ. of Geneva), and finally DiBio. I joined DiBio in 2013, when the lab of Prof. L. Scorrano, with whom I was working in that period, moved from Geneva to Padova. My experience in Switzerland was amazing, however I did not want to give up with the ambitious project I started one year before: a genome wide screen on contact sites. After several years, I can now say that this scientific choice has been really high gain: DiBio is indeed an international, collaborative and stimulating environment.   

What’s your favourite “toy” for research – and what can it do?

My favourite toy is a High Content Microscope, for automated 2D/3D/4D imaging. Come and take a look at it, at the HiTS facility@UNIPD! (https://www.biologia.unipd.it/servizi/servizi-alla-ricerca/servizi-dipartimentali/imaging-facility/high-throughput-screening-facility/)

What are your interests outside science?

I love playing and watching movies with my son and dancing (particularly argentine tango).






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