GRANT and AWARDS SERIES (Stars@UniPd): Clelia Gasparini

Pubblicato il: 16.01.2020 15:16

Title: Sperm selection in ARTs: a new approach

Despite recent advances, our knowledge of the processes occurring during fertilization at the gamete level is still limited and only recently the importance of non-gamete components has started to emerge. This project aims to use an evolutionary framework to study the role of the fluid that surrounds the eggs in sperm selection, to increase our knowledge of causes, consequences, and mechanisms of this process. Results from this project will be useful to implement sperm selection in assisted reproductive technologies based on the evolutionary principles of selection.

PI's Biography

Clelia Gasparini is an evolutionary biologist, who is broadly interested in the evolution of animal behaviour and reproduction. Clelia received her PhD from the University of Padova and has worked as postdoctoral fellow in Padova and in the University of Western Australia, with a Marie Curie fellowship first, and then with an Australian DECRA fellowship. She is now back in Padova as Assistant Professor at the department of Biology. She studies sexual selection, mate choice, and ageing, but more recently her research focuses on the interactions between the sexes at the gamete level. 


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