GRANT and AWARDS SERIES (LIFE Programme EU):Laura Treu & Stefano Capanaro

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Title: Demonstration of a mobile unit for hybrid energy storage based on CO2 capture and renewable energy sources - LIFE CO2toCH4

Goal: To construct a demo mobile unit for renewable energy storage, biofuel production and reduction of CO2emissions

Summary LIFE CO2toCH4 aims at developing and demonstrating an innovative, integrated, and sustainable industrial process for simultaneous energy storage and CO2 capture and utilization. A smart mobile unit for hybrid energy storage will be construct, test and operate in remote energy systems. To maximize the efficiency of methanation technically advanced systems and control architectures based on microbial resource management will be developed. Unipd will be responsible for microbial modelling and provision to enhance the stability and robustness of the gas fermentation system.

PIs Biography

Dr. Laura Treu is research fellow at Department of Biology. Her research is focused on the use of molecular biology and microbial ecology for bioenergy production and CO2 capture. She studied the molecular and metabolic mechanisms driving environmental and human-related microbiomes to unravel population dynamics. Her focus is on the metabolic and functional processes influencing the interaction between members of microbes using metabolic flux balance to identify growth rates and molecules exchanged

Prof. Stefano Campanaro is Associate Professor at Department of Biology and Director of the Center for Innovative Biotechnologies (CRIBI), University of Padova. His main interests are metagenomics and metatranscriptomics of the anaerobic digestion microbiome and the resource recovery through the anaerobic digestion process. He has extensively studied the gene expression of microbial species including yeast, lactic acid bacteria, archaea. He has been involved in the development of software and pipelines for metagenomics and transcriptome analysis. 


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