SPOTLIGHT: DiBio BSL2 Facility

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SPOTLIGHT: DiBio BSL2 Facility

In spite of the bad reputation they have earned in recent times, viruses have progressively become very important tools in many fields of research over the last 50 years.

In molecular biology, viral vectors are defined as tools carrying selected genetic material from viruses that allow researchers to efficiently deliver genetic material into living cells for basic and applied research. A wide array of viral vectors types, tools and applications is available. As their manipulation does not require sophisticated skills or technologies, their use is within the reach of many laboratories.

Although viral vectors are modified from viruses in such a way as to minimize the risk of handling them, it remains important to consider the biosecurity issue. Therefore, viral vectors need to be manipulated in special confined areas.

DiBio BSL2 Facility is a dedicated room with all the necessary standards to comply with Level 2 of Biosafety (moderate to high-risk agents). It was established in 2014 by few groups of the Department of Biology interested in the use of viral vectors for their research. As the interest quickly grew and the number of users increased, it was converted it into a Facility in 2015.


BSL2 facility is located on the Sixth floor, North Wing of the Vallisneri Building, room 52.

Instrumentation and layout:

  • n. 2 Esco Airstream® Class II Biological Safety Cabinet 120 cm
  • n. 1 Cell culture CO₂ incubator ESCO CelMate®, 170-liter
  • n. 1 -8O° C NOVA-FREEZER
  • n. Freezer-Refrigerator +4°C - -20°C Ocean
  • n. 1 Water Bath
  • n. 1 XL70 Beckman Ultracentrifuge XL70, rotor T70, max 70.000 rpm, 504.000g, 8x39ml, adapter 4x10ml
  • n. 1 Beckman Allegra 64R Centrifuge, rotor F0650, max 21.000 rpm, 41.400g, 6x50ml, adaptor 4x10ml refrigerated
  • n. 1 Inverted Fluorescence Microscope Leica DM IL LED FLU. The microscope is fitted with these objectives: HI Plan 4x/0.10, HI Plan 10x/0.22 Ph1, N Plan 20x/0.35. Filter cube I3 Ex: BP 450-490 -Dichromatic mirror:400-Suppression Filter: LP 515, suitable for GFP, FITC and other green markers

The working lab space is divided into two distinct areas separated by a glass wall, each of them with a dedicated hood. The main area is dedicated to work with viral vectors to manipulate the cells of interest: there are 2 working benches and storage spaces that can be assigned at each research group. The smaller separate area in the rear is intended for the production of the virus, with the possibility of concentrating it by ultracentrifugation.

Access and requirement:

Any type of vector/viral particle used in the Facility must have been previously authorized by submitting a notification to the Italian Ministry of Health (Notifica di impiego confinato di microrganismi geneticamente modificati (MOGM) secondo il Decreto legislativo 12 Aprile 2001 n. 206) and Research Groups can ask Security Office of Polo Vallisneri for support.

Then, all individuals working in the BSL-2 facility must be trained. Students are not admitted, only PhD Students and Senior Researchers can access the room.


Director: E. Greggio; Technical manager: I. Tessari

Service Booking:



For inquiries and access authorization, please contact: bsl2room.biologia@unipd.it


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