GRANT and AWARDS SERIES (Leo Foundation): Marta Giacomello

Pubblicato il: 05.02.2021 10:29

Project title - Switching on melanogenesis: characterization of a yet undiscovered player in melanin production.

Melanogenesis, the process which leads to the biosynthesis of melanin, is very complex and so far not completely elucidated. Melanin exerts a protective function for the skin, particularly regarding ultraviolet light: impairment of melanogenesis causes severe dermatological conditions like albinism. Preliminary data suggest that the mitochondrial apoptosis inducing factor 3 can contribute to melanin synthesis, a possibility that has never been explored. The overall goal of the project is to characterize AIFM3 subcellular role both in physiological and pathological conditions, likely identifying new targets for skin diseases therapeutical approaches. 

PI’s Biography

MG is a researcher interested in studying how organelles dynamics affect the physiology of different cell types. In the last years she focused on the crosstalk among the endoplasmic reticulum and mitochondria in neural cells, whose impairment has been associated to many neurodegenerative disorders. Recently she turned her attention to the pathways that modulate organelles interaction in other tissues, such as skin, both in pathological and physiological conditions. 

Social Media: @GiacomelloLab @DiBio_UniPd

Email: marta.giacomello@unipd.it



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