Grant and Awards - IBSA Foundation 2022 Fellowship

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Grant and Awards

IBSA Foundation 2022 Fellowship - 1st winner in the Special Edition Healthy Aging category

Title: Can impairments of mitochondria-to-nucleus communication explain age-associated decline of humoral immunity?

Abstract: Functional specification of B lymphocytes is supported by metabolic and epigenetic reprogramming, but both are dysfunctional in aging. Elderly individuals fail to mount an efficient humoral immunity, making them susceptible to severe infections and reducing the effectivness of vaccinations.The project will dissect the signaling axis driving the phenomenon of immunosenescence, with the goal to identify molecular mechanisms that might enhance humoral immunity in the elderly.

PI: Marco Fantuz is a postdoctoral researcher in the laboratory of Dr. Alessandro Carrer. After pursuing his PhD in Trieste, studying aggressive subtypes of breast cancer, his research now focuses on the role of metabolic and epigenetic rewiring in cell fate decisions applying both molecular biology techniques and bioinformatic analyses.


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