The Department of Biology organizes the XIX IDRC - "Italian Drosophila Research Conference"

20-22nd June 2018
Aula Magna - Complesso Interdipartimentale A. Vallisneri
Viale G. Colombo, 3
35131 Padova, Italy

We are pleased to invite you to the XIX IDRC - "Italian Drosophila Research Conference" that will be held on June 20-22nd 2018, in Padua. 

This meeting, that takes place every two years, is in its nineteenth edition and gathers the Italian researchers that use Drosophila melanogaster as model organism in their research.

The meeting is an important occasion to exchange expertise, consolidate pre-existing collaborations, create new ones and is a great opportunity for Italian drosophilists working abroad to share their experience with colleagues in Italy.

We are very pleased to host this meeting in Padova, where several groups use this model organism to elucidate the molecular basis of physiologic, behavioural and pathogenetic aspects. 

The program, although preliminary, includes contributions from Dr. Thomas Vaccari (Department of Bioscience - University of Milano), who studies the role of membrane trafficking in tissue development and homeostasis, Dr. Giorgio Gilestro (Dept. of Life Sciences, Imperial College, London, UK) who studies the enigmatic function(s) of sleep using a combination of neurobiology, genetics, and bioinformatics, and Dr. Ezio Rosato (Department of Genetics - University of Leicester- UK), interested in the mechanisms that regulate the circadian rhythmicity, a topic of international interest, since the 2017 Nobel Prize to Physiology to Jeffrey C. Hall, Michael Rosbash and Michael W. Young.

Organizing Committee: Gabriella Mazzotta, Cristiano De Pittà, Paola Cusumano.