All members of the abovementioned Departments may use the instrument. Each department has appointed a scientific Coordinator for the Cytofluorimetry Service.

The list of the coordinators is the following:

Prof. Elena Reddi for the Biology Department (DiBio),

Prof. Andrea Rasola for the Biomedical Sciences Department (DSB),

Dr. Rina Venerando for the Department of Molecular Medicine (DMM).

The technical and ordinary/extraordinary maintenance manager of the instrument is Dr. Vanni Ferrari from the Biology Department.

Given the overall complexity of the instrument, each user must be thoroughly instructed in how to use the cytofluorimeter. The coordinators and the manager are therefore ready to provide those in need with any necessary information and the technical preparation for a proper and autonomous utilization. The users are divided into two categories: common users and one-time users. Common users utilize the instrument on an almost daily basis and have received the proper instructions to do so on their own. One-time users utilize the instrument only when needed or from time to time, and must be assisted by the technical manager.