Cytofluorimetry Service

Interdepartmental Cytofluorimetry Service

The Interdepartmental Cytofluorimetry Service is located in room 61 of the 6th North Floor of the "A. Vallisneri" Biology Building. Researchers of the Biology Department (DiBio), Molecular Medicine (DMM) and Biomedical Sciences (DSB), may access the service. The instrument available is the Becton Dickinson FACSCanto II° cytofluorimeter purchased by DiBio, DMM and DSB with the University co-financed resources for big equipment (Grandi attrezzature). The FACSCanto II offers excellent multimodal performances in cytofluorimetry. It is equipped with 488-nm blue laser and 633-nm red laser and allows the fluorescence detection in six windows, ranging from green to near infrared wavelengths, in addition to forward and side scatter detection.


Service Coordinator:
Prof. Elena Reddi

Technical Manager:
Dr. Vanni Ferrari