Unità di Ricerca: Genetica umana molecolare


RAMPAZZOALESSANDRAProfessore ordinario


DE BORTOLIMARZIAAssegnista di ricercaMembro
OCCHIGIANLUCARicercatore a tempo determinato di tipo BMembro
PONTIJESSICAAssegnista di RicercaMembro
ROSAMAURIZIOPersonale tecnico amministrativoMembro
VAZZAGIOVANNIRicercatore universitario confermatoMembro
VITIELLOLIBERORicercatore universitario confermatoMembro
RAMPAZZOALESSANDRAProfessore ordinarioCoordinatore

Aree di Ricerca

The research activity of the Unit focuses on increasing our understanding of the molecular basis of several human Mendelian and multifactorial disorders, such as cardiomyopathies, neuropathies and endocrine tumors. Main research lines focus on identifying novel disease genes, understanding how genetic variants contribute to pathogenesis and how phenotypes may be modulated by the alteration of the regulatory networks. Molecular genetics, genomics and bioinformatics methods as well as ad-hoc in vitro and in vivo models are integrated to elucidate the molecular basis of diseases and to translate molecular knowledge into improved patient care.