NEW PUBLICATION about Protein electrostatics

Pubblicato il: 28.07.2020 10:20

Protein electrostatics: From computational and structural analysis to discovery of functional fingerprints and biotechnological design

This mini-review from Filippo Vascon§, Matteo Gasparotto§, Marta Giacomello, Laura Cendron, Elisabetta Bergantino, Francesco Filippini, Irene Righetto (§equal contributions), published in Computational and Structural Biotechnology Journal (https://doi.org/10.1016/j.csbj.2020.06.029) focuses on biotechnological applications of protein electrostatics studies.

Protein engineering allows to obtain proteins able to withstand harsh conditions or mediate novel functions, which are required for industrial and medical applications. Although electrostatics plays a key role in the whole life cycle of a protein, its role in protein engineering is often neglected. This invited review summarizes a selected number of computational methods for predicting relevant electrostatic features, and of examples of how electrostatic analysis may provide functional fingerprints in natural protein evolution and in biotechnological design, in fields as diverse as biocatalysis, antibody and nanobody engineering, drug design and delivery, evolution and spreading of pandemic viruses, nanotechnology and regenerative medicine.

See here for the biosketches of our young, leading authors Filippo, Matteo and Irene


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