ExDiBio Scientist Dr. Sandro Malacrida

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Dr. Sandro Malacrida is a Senior Researcher and PI at Institute of Mountain Emergency Medicine (MEMED), Bolzano, Italy

Current position:
Senior Researcher and Lab. Responsible at Institute of Mountain Emergency Medicine (MEMED), Eurac Research Center, Bolzano, Italy                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

Past DiBio position:
Ph.D. and PostDoc Fellow
Lab. Prof. GA Danieli
Department of Biology                                                                             
University of Padova, Italy                                                                                                                                                      

Research and Professional progression:  

I trained in Prof. Gian Antonio Danieli’s lab (Dep. of Biology, Unipd), where I defended my PhD, investigating Human Genetic adaptation to hypobaric hypoxia in high altitude resident populations from Nepal.

I then joined many labs in different departments at the Unipd, including the departments of Prof. C. Angelini, and Prof. C. Reggiani (Dep. of Neurosciences and Dep. of Biomedical Sciences respectively), merging my scientific interests in high altitude with studies involving functional genomics strategies. During this period, I focused on human molecular response to hypobaric hypoxia in blood mononuclear cells, studying different aspects including the cross talk among inflammation, oxidative stress, and cell reprogramming.

Currently, I have a Senior Research position at the Institute of Mountain Emergency Medicine and I work in the High Altitude group as a Molecular Biologist. Since 2019, I started a collaboration with Prof. M. Zordan (Dep. of Biology, Unipd) and Prof. A. Megighian (Dep. of Biomedical Sciences, Unipd) to use Drosophila as an organism model to study molecular response to hypoxia.

Moreover, I worked for a couple of years, and I still collaborate with many groups at the Institute of Oncology (IOV) in Padova.

I have been recently appointed as Lab. responsible at the terraXcube facility, Eurac Research, Bolzano.


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