Lucio Bonato

Department of Biology - University of Padova

via U.Bassi 58b · I-35131 Padova (Italy) · tel. 0039 049 8277487 · fax 0039 049 8276230



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Assistant professor (ricercatore) of Zoology, at the Department of Biology of the University of Padua since 2006.



- Master's degree (laurea) in Natural Sciences, 1998, University of Padua, 110/110 summa cum laude, dissertation on “Morphological and ecological aspects of a population of Salamandra atra aurorae Trevisan, 1982”

- research doctorate (dottorato di ricerca), Ph.D., in Evolutionary Biology, 2002, University of  Padua, dissertation “Segmentation in Mecistocephalid centipedes: from evolution to development”, supervisor Prof. A. Minelli

- habilitation to Associate professor, since 2014


Research activities:

- post-doctorate research project, 2002-2004, Dept. Biology Univ. Padua, "Evolution and morphogenesis of the segmental structure in Geophilomorph Chilopods: the group Geophilus s.l."

- projects of faunistic research: breeding Birds in the provinces of Vicenza, Rovigo, and Treviso; Amphibians and Reptiles in the province of Vicenza, the Veneto region (coordinator), and Italy; Butterflies in the Veneto region (coordinator)

- international project “A world catalogue of the Centipedes (Chilopoda) for the web” (supported by Global Biological Information Facilities; coordinator A. Minelli), 2004-2006, in collaboration with nine taxonomists;

- consultant in the project of implementation of the Italian Focal Point for the Global Taxonomy Initiative, 2005-2006 (coordinator M. Bologna).

Educational activities:

- Courses at the University of Padua: Zoology (Istituzioni di Biologia III: Zoologia) in the course of Environmental Sciences and Technologies (Scienze e Tecnologie per l’Ambiente) (2005-2006), Faunistic taxonomy and identification (Tassonomia e Determinazione della Fauna) (2006-2008),  Principles and Methods in Faunistics (Principi e Techniche di Indagine Faunistica) (2009-2010), Regional Fauna (Fauna regionale) (2011-) and Methods for faunistic Investigations (Metodi di indagine faunistica) (2011-) in the course of Natural Sciences;

- teaching at the secondary school: Natural Sciences, Chemistry, Geography and Microbiology (Scienze Naturali, Chimica e Geografia, Microbiologia) in the Lyceum (2001-2002); Mathematical, Chemical, Physical and Natural Sciences (Scienze Matematiche, Chimiche, Fisiche e Naturali nella Scuola Media) in the middle school (2004-2005).

Other activities:

- promotion of scientific and naturalistic culture, support and coordination to amateur research in natural sciences, environmental education

- naturalist photography

- field naturalist exploration