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Eastern Pre-Alps

biota and natural history



Animal and plant communities

living on the edge of Eastern Alps

have been shaped by a complex

geomorphological, climatic and anthropic history.

The unique biodiversity of the Pre-Alps

deserves further documentation

and offers a challenging ground

to investigate microevolutionary processes

and fine-scale ecological dynamics.



biota of the Pre-Alps


Biological communities in the Eastern Pre-Alps

are enriched by exclusive lineages of cave-dwelling and forest-floor invertebrates,

isolated communities mirroring either submediterranean or alpine biotas,

and composite assemblages of floristic and faunistic elements:

a naturalistic heritage urging preservation

and in need of being explored thoroughly.

alpine salamanders


Climatic oscillations shaped the present distribution

of amphibians and reptiles in southern Europe.

Relic, differentiated lineages of Alpine salamanders

have been discovered unexpectedly in recent years

on the Venetian Prealps.



Despite enjoying rare popular appreciation

and being represented by high species richness,

rhopalocerans have been largely neglected in faunistic surveys

along the southern margin of the Alps.

Basic investigations on the distribution and ecology

are disclosing a complex pattern

of geographical diversity and natural values.




selected publications

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How many species of centipedes 

coexist in temperate forests

Estimating local species richness 

of Chilopoda in soil coenoses 

of the South-Eastern Prealps

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European Journal of Soil Biology

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The European centipedes hitherto referred

to Eurygeophilus, Mesogeophilus and Chalandea

(Chilopoda, Geophilomorpha):

taxonomy, distribution

and geographic variation of the segment number


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The evolution of the melanistic colour

in the Alpine Salamander Salamandra atra

as revealed by a new subspecies

from the Venetian Prealps


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On the distribution and chromatic differentiation

of the Alpine Salamander

Salamandra atra Laurenti, 1768

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(Venetian Prealps): an updated review


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Le comunità di farfalle diurne

(Papilionoidea e Hesperioidea)

negli ambienti aridi ripari del Piave

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