New publication - Analysis of the anaerobic digestion metagenome under environmental stresses stimulating prophage induction

Pubblicato il: 15.09.2022 16:01

Rossi, Morlino et al. 2022

A new study co-authored by Alessandro Rossi and Maria Silvia Morlino under the supervision of DiBio senior researcher Laura Treu and Prof. Stefano Campanaro is online in Microbiome Journal. This study employs metagenomics and advanced sequence analysis tools to identify viruses in anaerobic digestion (AD) microbial communities and explore their behaviour under four common perturbations in AD reactors. Subsequently, the presence of identified viral genomes across the Anaerobic Digestion database is assessed. Overall, this work provides insight into the complexity of the AD viral community, the factors that shape it, and its potential in HGT. Check out the work at https://doi.org/10.1186/s40168-022-01316-w #anaerobic digestion #metagenomics #metavirome @bioinf.omics.unipd


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