An integrated approach to marine invertebrate biodiversity: evolutionary and functional adaptations

  • Monday, September 17

    • morning 9.00-13.00
      Introduction to the course
      Staff presentation
      Annelids in evolutionary developmental biology (A. Giangrande)
      Systems neurobiology of the Platynereis ciliated larva (G. Jékeli)
    • afternoon 15.00-19.00
      Polychaete reproduction, regeneration and larval diversity (A. Giangrande)

  • Tuesday, September 09

    • morning 9.00-13.00
      Functional biology of echinoderms: new insights on well known models (M. Sugni, C. De Benedetti)
      The Uniqueness of Echinoderms (V. Arizza)
    • afternoon 15.00-18.00
      Functional biology of echinoderms: new insights on well known models. (M. Sugni, C. De Benedetti)
      Immunobiology of echinoderms (V. Arizza)
    • after dinner 21.00-22.30
      Hemichordates: structure, development, and evolution (T. Stach)

  • Wednesday, September 10

    • morning 9.00-13.00
      Bivalve molluscs: an overview (P. Venier)
      Stress responses in bivalve molluscs (P. Venier)
    • afternoon 15.00-19.00
      Experimental approaches to cells and tissues of Mytilus galloprovincialis (P. Venier/S. Domeneghetti)
    • after dinner 21.00-22.30
      The medicinal leech: a valuable model to study neuroprotection and nerve repair in Annélids. (J. Vizioli)

  • Thursday, September 11

    • morning 9.00-13.00
      The evolution of chordate sensory and neural complexity; lessons from sea squirts, cephalochordates and lampreys (S. Shimeld)
    • afternoon 15.00-19.00
      The compound ascidian Botryllus. schlosseri as a model organism for the study of sexual and asexual reproduction (L. Manni).
      Journal club: paper presentation by students
    • after dinner 21.30-22.30
      Journal club: paper presentation by students

  • Friday, September 12

    • morning 9.00-13.00
      Cnidarians and the evolution of Metazoa: old dogmas and new perspectives (R. Pennati)
      Recent advances in Anthozoan innate immunity evolution (M. Cammarata)<
    • afternoon 15.00-18.00
      Experimental approaches on Anthozoan immunological activities (MG Parisi)

  • Saturday, September 13

    • morning 9.00-13.00
      Practical course on Botryllus schlosseri immunobiology (N. Franchi)
      Final discussion and conclusions
      Final examination for credits acknowledgement

How to reach Tricase Porto

Several shuttle minibus transportation from Lecce to Tricase (40 min drive) will be organized starting at 11 a.m., on Sunday 20th. Participants will need to provide their travel schedule to/from Lecce to the course organization not later than September 10th.

Further info:

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